becca and paul cropped

Paul made it back to us!  Nathan and I were so excited to finally see him.  After a very long journey, including an Ethiopian car ride, 2 long flights, a few days in Chicago, a flight to Dallas and a drive to Galveston….he made it.  

We have had so much fun as a family together again.  And as predicted Nathan’s new favorite word is “dada”, which mama, is quite thankful for, especially considering her growing belly and loss of agility when entertaining a toddler. 

We are scheduled to have Lydia on August 13th with a repeat C-section.  We are very excited to meet her, although, we are enjoying spoiling Nathan as the “only child” for at least a few more days.   Thanks for all of your prayers as we were apart and God willing we won’t have to do that again for a long time.   

Nathan and Paul catching up on lost times

Nathan and Paul catching up on lost times