Nathan is starting to say so many words.  He has his own little language with some English and Amharic mixed in.  He loves to repeat words after us.  And even tonight I was talking loudly from the front of the house to the back of the house to my mother and Nathan started yelling like we were…telling us his story.  I love all of his little words and communicating with him is so much fun.

So here is a dictionary to Nathan’s words:

  • Na = Milk
  • Fa (said in a ponderous tone) = What’s that?
  • Go (said in a question form with hands up by his shoulders) = Where did it go?
  • Baboom! = I am about to poop or I just pooped and need a new diaper
  • Zso Zso = my mother (yes this is the name she picked out for her grandkids)
  • BaPa = Granpa (Becca’s Dad)
  • Nana = Paul’s mom
  • Papa = Paul’s stepdad
  • Dada = who he can’t wait to see and rough-house with again
  • Mama = he will soon be a daddy’s boy again
  • Up = pick me up
  • Up Up Up = lets go up stairs
  • Down = time to go down
  • Bath = he says as he starts taking off his shirt
  • Cacker = cracker or cookie
  • NumieNum = pacifier (which he takes at nap time and car time)
  • LoLoLo = Yogurt (his favorite food)
  • More = his second favorite word…the other day when i gave him a bite of icing before we blew out the candles, he said “more” constantly for 10 minutes until we finished singing and blowing out the candles.
  • BaDa = bird (at first bird sounded just like ball or bath, so i started pronouncing the “d” very strongly…well know that is how he says it. Ba-Da.
  • Wuha = Amharic for water
  • Abbaba = Amharic for flower
  • Atbela = Amharic for do not eat…okay, i say this one more than him
  • Meme = my parents cats
  • Meooooow = Meow
  • WhoWho = barking like a dog
  • VroomVroom = his all time FAVORITE word which he says at any thing with wheels or a resemblance of a wheel
  • He is still just signing “please”, “thank you” and “baby” I will take the signs of politeness and he will know what a baby is soon enough!
Nathan feeding the BaDa's with PaPa

Nathan feeding the BaDa's with PaPa