This is a blog I (Becca) have been thinking about since I left for Ethiopia, 10 months ago…As I sit here in the A/C drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Cheetos, I have the perspective I need to put this into words. 


Things Ethiopia doesn’t have and the acceptable substitute:

Dr. Pepper Drinking a cold Coke from the bottle at the top of the bank building in Soddo
Text  Messaging Seeing my husband multiple times a day when he comes home for lunch or between cases
Chocolate Chips Getting care packages from friends filled with chocolate chips and other goodies (This has been such an encouragement to us, if I ever live back in the states, I will send my overseas friends whatever they want.)
High Speed Internet Spending all of the extra time I have with friends, instead of googling random facts (like I have been doing since I have been back)
Air Conditioning / Heating Being where the weather is always perfect, between 60 and 80 degrees, so the windows are always open or we are outside
A Car Walking to market and actually knowing our neighbors instead of pulling in and out of a garage every day
Hanging out with Friends every week Becoming even closer with some long distance friends as we email more instead of just saying “Hi, how are you?” once a week.  (I won’t pretend this hasn’t been one of the hardest things to live without.  I miss seeing friends and having play dates, but this is one good thing I have noticed from being so far away.  I am closer with some than before I left.)
Sports on TV Not being as heartbroken when all of your teams are losing (Cowboys, Aggies, Mavericks)  When you see the score afterwards on it isn’t as painful as watching them give up the win live.
Mother’s Day Out Nathan getting to play with his local friends, Ben, Karmyn, Coreb, Sinai, Bekolu and Finnius.
Grocery Store Having our own vegetable garden and getting fresh eggs delivered to our door every Saturday morning
Little access to current events Not hearing about the economy for 2 hours a day and not knowing who Susan Boyle is until today.