This is Becca. Nathan and I made it back to Houston last night. We are safe and sound and my parents were a huge help through the travels. Nathan is getting better and better at enduring the long flights, of course his favorite word on the second half from Amsterdam to Houston was “Go? Go? Go?” He said it over and over with a questioning tone. Luckily a trip around the airplane with Granpa was good enough for Nathan.

So, now after finally settling in to our first house in Soddo, Ethiopia just a month earlier, I feel slightly homeless again. My mom keeps saying things about when I get home or “at home” and I can’t figure out which home she is referring to. For now, Nathan and I are living with my parents. But my physical home is where Paul is…in our big (hopefully not too lonely) house that most of the time has electricity and water, in Soddo.

In seminary, I always read about how kids who grew up on the mission field never knew what to say when people asked, “so where are you from?” On the flip side, I bet they have a lot larger sense of a home and identity in Christ instead of an identity connected to a culture.  I am beginning to have a glimpse of how they feel.  This American culture can be pretty shocking after being away.  I am still digesting a lot of what is going on in my head.

For now, I am very thankful for my family who has opened up their home to Nathan and I. I am also grateful to be close to a NICU and medical resources in this last trimester. I go to the OB on Tuesday, I will have an update shortly after…so last chance to vote for a boy or a girl. However, I found out it was my dad who voted 20 times for a boy…he said he had two sisters and two daughters and now it was time for him to have two grandsons.

To end the post…here is a smile for daddy.  a smile for daddy

We miss you! And Nathan thinks of you a lot…as evidenced by the amount of times he has wandered around the house saying, “Dada? Dada? Dada?” or looks at a man with glasses and says, “Dada? Dada? Dada?”

Here is daddy’s boy…

Daddy's boy