Tomorrow we are headed to Addis Ababa, the capitol, to pick up my parents.  We are very excited about them visiting!  We have some fun and cultural things planned.  Including another trip to Lake Langano.  Here are a few pictures below of our trip there a few weekends ago…

langanoThis is us standing out at the lake.  This is the only lake in Ethiopia that you can swim in, you can actually wikipedia “Lake Langano, Ethiopia” and see the reason.  Nathan did not swim this time, but the big kids did.  We had our meals with a family that lives there who have 5 children, 3 boys between 9 and 13 and 2 younger girls.  Nathan loved all of the action and all of the children around.  I tried to get a few pictures of him having fun with the other kids, but of course all it looks like is a mangled group of arms and legs.

langano-monkeysThese are the monkeys that were at the camp we stayed in.  They stayed in the trees, but were very interesting.  Paul and I feel like our trip to Langano was the first real “African” expereince we have had.  We saw monkeys and baboons and some big birds!  And then walking along the lake with the acacia trees and the baboons running along the plain.  It was beautiful.