I love this picture.  Ben and Karmyn hid the Easter Eggs for Nathan and Nathan walked around with his basket collecting them all.  He would get distracted when there were too many eggs  in his basket.  He kept saying ball…ball and wanted play with them.  So every few eggs we would empty his basket and he would toddle off for the next “ball” or egg.

Sorry about the multiple posts, I find this to be a very easy way to post quickly. Our power has been out about 5 days a week and we can’t have the houses on the generator when the OR is running, but today there is POWER. We had pretty much everything in the house going at once. The washing machine, the oven, the ice cream maker, the juicer…I think that is about it. So that is why it has taken me so long to post the 4 Easter pictures.  Not to mention our phone line has been down for over a week, so we have to go to a neighbors to connect to the internet. 

“And the good news?” – you may ask….well, we are leaving on Friday (Paul’s birthday) to head to a near by lake.  There are some cabins owned by SIM (Serving in Missions) about 3 hours from here on Lake Lagano (I am probably butchering the spelling, in case you are trying to google it.)  We hear it is really nice and they have their own cook and you can swim in the lake?!?  We’ll see about the lake part.  But I will post more pictures next week.  Paul turns 33 on Friday and we are going out to eat with some friends and coming back to have cake and ice cream…hence the oven and ice cream maker on today, in case there is no power before the party.  Feel free to send birthday wishes!  paulandbecca@gmail.com

love to all, Becca