There are 25 days until my (Becca’s) parents come to visit Africa. I am so excited to have them come and visit. I have been listening to James Taylor all morning thinking of them! (Or maybe I am secretly hoping for a “brown eyed girl”???) Nathan is very excited as well, Zso Zso and Granpa will love to see him walking and talking…although Granpa gets most of the credit for teaching him how to walk when we were in Atlanta.
They will stay for 3 weeks and then Nathan and I will travel back to the states with them. I will be 29 weeks at that point and will need to get back for a Rhogham shot and to be in a safe place to have our sweet second child. Honestly, I do not think I am ready to go back so soon, I will be gone for almost 5 months and there is a lot to do ahead of time to make sure I don’t leave things undone. Not to mention I am not looking forward to being away from Paul that long. I always told him, he could go anywhere in the world as long as I could go with him!
We are preparing to celebrate Easter tomorrow. We are dying Easter Eggs this morning and will have a hunt later for Nathan, Karmyn and Benjamin! Tomorrow morning we will have an early service with the other staff here and then enjoy brunch together…followed by a quiet afternoon.

ps…I have the cutest picture of my parents at my sisters wedding, but our power has been out, so I will have to scan it in and post it later. Yes, that’s right no power, but we have internet, I guess that is an advantage of dial up…maybe the only advantage.


This is absolutely the goofiest pictures i have of my parents and Jessica (my sis and her husband Mike)…I am sure they will all kill me for using it, in fact when they emailed the web-cam picture it was called, “don’t use this one!”