There is so much to say and so much has happened.  I will do a quick bullet point list to give you an idea and hopefully I will have time and space to post some details and pics soon.

  • Paul left for Addis this morning.  He has several meetings with other doctors at other hospitals.  He will be back on Wednesday.
  • Nathan is walking all over the place.  He is so proud of himself and because of the praise he learned how to say “good job” while clapping for himself today.  (Actually it sounds like “gah gah”, but with the proud smile that follows you know exactly what he means.)
  • We moved into a different house (about 100 yards from the duplex we were in).  We spent last weekend moving the main things and I am still finding knew homes for things.  We moved into a three bedroom house with an office for our new baby and Paul’s growing administrative duties to have some more room.  It is a beautiful house and we have more space than we ever had in our Dallas apartments.  It is however, amazing how much you can accumulate in 7 months.
  • Nathan is a signing fool!  He does signs all the time.  And on top of it he is a chatter box!  I think I can teach him a few new words every day.  Today we learned “ott ohh” (I can’t think of how to spell it, but you know…what you say when something drops to the floor) and night night. 
  • Nathan is blowing kisses.  It is so adorable.  Nana taught him this while we were in the states.  He puts his hand to his mouth and goes “mmmmch”
  • I am working a lot in the hospital kitchen.  Ok, I am not cooking, but I am very involved in the decisions and overseeing the staff.  We recently hired a trained cook who has management experience and she is amazing.  It has been great to see her come in and do things that I can’t do since I am not there every day.  Nathan, Etagainu and I are going to have lunch with the kitchen staff tomorrow.  They love when I visit, especially when I have Nathan.
  • I like to point out my growing belly to some of the locals I know.  They just laugh, because it is not cultural to show that you are pregnant.   Many women hide it for a long time, especially if it is their first.  But I am proud of my baby bump and people ask “tinnish lidget endet no?” = “how is the tiny baby?” or in order…”tiny baby how is?”
  • We got to see the baby yesterday on sonogram.  It is perfect and healthy.  Sharon, our OB, checked everything she could.  She said nothing is showing signs of preterm labor, that is very good news when you know you will be on a plane around 29 weeks gestation. 
  • You may be asking…”well…boy or a girl?”…”is it a brother or a sister?”.  Well, we want to wait to find out…..of course most of you who know me, know that that is not true for one second.  I was going crazy waiting to hear that Nathan was a boy.  We couldn’t tell on the sonogram this time and honestly we may not know until I have an American sonogram.  I will let you know when we know.  But I am handling it well, the anticipation isn’t quite as strong and it was so great to hear that everythink looked good.

love to all, Becca