We made it back to Soddo safely.  The first five hours (out of 18) on the plane were rough with Nathan, but then he went to sleep and slept for 8 straight hours…including through our layover in Amsterdam and the first 3 hours of the next flight.  KLM is one of the best airlines we have ever been on.  They are all so nice and carrying a toddler is like magic…we get to be first in line, get extra food, we even got two extra seats on the last leg so Nathan could lay down.   They really were great and we got an amazing deal on our tickets.


It is good to be back in our house and back on Ethiopian time.  Nathan did better than either of us with switching time zones.  Everyone welcomed us back with a pizza party and cake.  And tonight is Harry’s (the Optometrist) birthday, so we are celebrating with cake and ice cream! There is always a reason to celebrate.


It was so great to be back in the states for a little while.  It was restful and refreshing and it gave us a better sense of how to pray for you.  Especially in light of the economy, we have been praying diligently for friends who have lost jobs and actually catching up on current events makes me realize that we have to pray for everyone else to keep their jobs too.  We look forward to seeing more of you this summer when we are in Dallas and Houston!

Love, B, P and N