We would like to request prayer for my (Paul) grandmother, who is in the hospital and ill. I won’t go into detail for privacy’s sake but she had a fall which required surgery on her shoulder. After surgery, she developed a lung infection and had several other medical challenges. The doctor was telling the family that she would most likely not survive. This is terrible under any circumstance but it has been a challenge to decide what to do while overseas.
My grandmother is wonderful woman and loves the Lord dearly. Since it sounded like a terminal event, Becca and I have made plans to return to the United States to be with her and the family. We were actually planning on going to Addis anyway for a pediatric surgical conference. After arriving in Addis, we are so pleased to note that we received word that she was doing much better. She is still in the hospital and is still not out of the woods, but she has clearly improved. We thank God for this mercy.
Please pray for her recovery, both from the acute problem and for her surgery and future plans for residence. It sounds like she will need assisted care from here on out and I know this is a huge blow for her and the family. Also pray for our wisdom to know what to do about traveling back to see her. We are planning on being in the US this August, but sooner may be needed.