Well, I promised a blog on Nathan and of course…I can’t resist.  He has been so much lately.  I love him learning new things every day.  He turned 13 months at the end of January and is continuing with his strong personality…neither Paul nor I have any idea where he gets that from.  He points at everything until you guess correctly what he wants.  If there is candy within a 10 foot radius you can probably guess that that is what he pointing excitedly at.  (I have to quickly divert his attention elsewhere.)  He is signing a lot and Hannah and Etagainu think it is amazing that he can tell them when we wants “more” or “milk” without being able to talk yet.  He will also sign “ball” at anything that resembles a ball, usually passion fruit hanging on the vines outside or a way to green tomato that he will insist on crawling over and climbing the supports and picking himself. 

Nathan L.O.V.E.S corn flakes!  Every morning he eats 3 Nathan-sized bowls.  I give him the first one and say all done and start to lift his high chair and he grunts and groans and puts his hands firmly on the top of the high chair so I can’t get him out.  Then frantically signs more!  So I give him more and more. 

He is getting really close to walking.  I hear it happens fast and everyday he stands and walks more independently.  He knows he is a fast crawler so sometimes he aborts the cruising and crawls to what he wants.    He also loves to climb.  Often times Paul will turn around to see him crawling up our dresser drawers or trying to get onto the bench, or he will remove the toys from his book shelf and climb in there.  He loves to play in two of mama’s baby proof kitchen cabinets, the one with the Tupperware and the one with the baking pots.  He will work and work at his cabinet while Mama and Hannah make lunch.  He usually ends up all the way into the cabinet with a big mess around us, but we don’t mind.  I figure he is helping.

He has also started to feed himself with a spork.  I find this is easier than a spoon so he can stab food and it will stay on until it gets to his mouth.  He has also become a daddy’s boy faster than I was expecting, but I love it.  He often wants daddy to feed him and hold him and read to him.  And he cries when daddy walks into the other room.  It is so cute and I am actually quite glad for the respite from attention.  Maybe this will come in handy when baby number 2 comes along.  Even more unbelievable… today I handed Nathan to Laa (La-ah), one of the hospital guards, and Nathan walked around with him and saw the trees and sat in the van while mama talked…and then I went to get him so they could go and he shook his head at me.  He didn’t even want to come back to me.  Honestly, I hand him to pretty much anyone I know.  I think it is good for him to get used to being around others and I guess he is.

We are very proud of him already and love his strong character.  He has learned what no means and knows when he is doing something he shouldn’t be.  But so far the discipline seems to be taking root.  Mothers are welcome to give me feedback on this, but I figure if he understands when he shouldn’t be doing things, he is figuring out even faster what he can get away with.

There is a song I sing to him every night that is from a Kindermusik book.  If any of you have heard of that?  It is really sweet.  I will have to post it one day too (this one is getting kind of long)…

This is just a little bit of what our days look like!  The picture above is Nathan with one of his favorite toys.  It plays the horsey song while you push it. (Mom, what is the song actually called? It is very famous classical song…see a comment below to figure it out.)