I for sure know why pregnant women are at a high risk for developing gum disease and poor dental health.  The main reason is throughout the entire pregnancy with Nathan I ate chewy sugary candy!  And yes…thanks to a few care packages we have received, it has started in full force again.  I am currently eating jelly beans which are increasing my cravings for things like:

Dr. Pepper!

Juicy Pears

Root Beer

Roasted Marshmallows

It is amazing how real these things taste in jelly bean form when you haven’t actually tasted any of them in over 6 months.  I was telling the surgical residents about Dr. Pepper, it was hard to explain…I just kept saying you would like it even better than Coke.  They just thought it was funny that a soft drink was a doctor. 

But don’t worry all you salty fans…I am still very much craving good ole potato chips.  We can get a generic Pringles here in Soddo.

Another fun thing is Paul got me the best Christmas present ever…an Ice Cream maker.  It arrived in Soddo while we were in Kenya and since we have been back I have made ice cream 3 times.  It is the best thing!  I have peanut butter with reeces and strawberry sorbet!  Tonight I am making vanilla with heath bar.  Again thanks to all of the loving care packages we have a stock of candy and chocolate chips!

The worst part about Paul and I eating all of this candy and ice cream (is not the few pounds we could afford to put back on)…but Nathan wants a bite of everything!  It all started with these Dove chocolates someone sent.  He would stare at us with his mouth open and we gave in and gave him a taste…well now he knows what the wrappers looks like and points and gasps when he sees anything chocolate!  He also loves ice cream, thanks to the Kenya conference.  (I know you are reading this and saying…”I thought this chic was a dietitian?”)  Yes, I am, but there is something about your 5th percentile son enjoying sweets.  And not to worry, some of his other favorite foods are warm milk, red beans, peanut butter and jelly, cooked carrots and bananas.    

There is so much more I want to share about Nathan.  He is 13 months today and doing and learning so much so fast.  I will post a picture later and tell you all about it.  For now back to the Jelly Beans!