Hey everyone, it’s Nathan. I guess you heard that I am a big boy now…I am now one year old. I had a lot of fun climbing on top of all of these pretty boxes with bows. And after I climbed up and down I got to tear the paper off of the boxes. It was a lot of fun.

One of my favorite things about turning one is getting to eat strawberries! Every morning I eat a whole piece of toast with strawberry jelly that Mama makes. I eat that after I eat my own bowl of corn flakes. Daddy used to just give me bites of his cereal, but I started eating so much that they could tell how much I love cereal, so now I get my own bowl!

I love talking with my hands. Any time I hear “bye-bye” I know that I should wave to them and smile. I can also tell mama when I want more and when I have had enough. I still love to clap and play patty cake. I also point at anything I want or like, usually my milk, a light switch, birds, or a ball (or fruit that looks like a ball).

Mama and Daddy keep trying to get me to walk to things, but I am so good at crawling, I don’t see what the big deal is. I can crawl to anything I want. I love to crawl to my soccer ball and throw it back and forth.

Mama and Daddy said we are going on airplane again. They promised it wouldn’t be as long as the last flight that we took from Zso Zso and Granpa’s house to our new home in Ethiopia. This flight is to the country just south of us, called Kenya. We will be there for two weeks while Daddy teaches other residents about surgery.

Gotta go for now! Love, Nathan