nathan-1-week-oldNathan, we cannot believe you are one year old! It has been such a fun year and you have learned so much already. You are changing from that adorable baby to a handsome little boy. I will never forget how excited your dad was when I told him we were expecting you. It was so perfect; it was daddy’s 31st birthday, so I had a reason to wrap up “the results” with a bow. He got home from work early and I was so excited I didn’t have to wait any longer. I immediately asked him to sit down, so he could open his presents. I don’t even remember what else I got him and I am sure he doesn’t either. But I remember how he grabbed me and hugged me when he realized we were going to have our first child.

We have learned a lot this past year. We learned that you know what you want! You know when you are hungry or thirsty or when you want to be free to crawl around and most of all you know when you want to be held. Some of our favorite memories are: you smiling for the first time, giggling for the first time when Zso Zso and I did something weird to you…but then we tried to repeat it for your daddy a million times and you wouldn’t laugh for him until days later. I loved taking you for walks at Addison Circle or the Galleria (…ahhh the Galleria…) and showing you off to friends. Although you could be loud you were always so cute no one ever minded your cries.

And now some of your favorite things to do are: CLAP, CLAP and CLAP. Clapping is definitely your favorite thing to do. Any time we say, “clap” or “good job” or sing “Patty cake” you immediately drop everything and begin to Clap! You also love to put your hand to your mouth and sounbirthday-3d like an Indian..Ah Ah Ah Ah…. Nathan, you love to play peek-a-boo or Koo-Ka-Loo (as they call it here). You will even do the hiding and booing. You love to cruise around and walk while holding our hands. You love to run as fast as you can in your walker on our concrete floors and you love your Bible with many flaps and doors to open and close. You love to sit in the yard while I am in the garden and you love the animals and children’s attention as we walk to town. You love your neighbors, Benjamin and Karmyn and you love, love, love their dog Selah!birthdya-hat

I love watching how you and your daddy’s eyes light up at the same time when you see each other. And how when you hear the door open you crawl around the corner to see if it is him. I love how you give me slobbery kisses and how you say mama and dada.

Nathan, a year ago today we were wondering who you were and now we know you so well. We know your deep blue eyes and the cute noises you make when you discover something new. And there is so much more you to learn and discover. We pray for you and praise God for His protection over your little life. We pray that God would reveal Himself to you in His timing and that you may come to know His saving grace.

We love you little one! Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama and Daddy