Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope this time is filled with love.  May we each reflect on the goodness of God, who gave the world his only Son.  Jesus humbled himself to come to earth and become fully man, yet remain fully God, to give us something we could never wrap with a bow – grace through his blood.

We are definitely missing our families during this time, especially as we know they are spending the next few days together.  My parents (Becca) are in Maine celebrating with Jessica and Mike, my sister and her husband and Mike’s parents.  I hear they do have a white Christmas.  Our Christmas is still sunny and 75 degrees every day, no rain this time of year and definitely no snow. 

We are looking forward to celebrating Nathan’s first Christmas morning with just the three of us.  At least, since Ethiopian’s celebrate Christmas two weeks later than us, Paul will always be able to get Christmas off.  In the afternoon and evening we are planning to sing Christmas songs and enjoy a traditional Christmas meal.  We even have a turkey that Sharon brought from Kenya.  She carried it on the plane with her and it went through the x-ray.  She said the security guard gave it a very funny look.  She told them it was a turkey, but having no idea what that was, it didn’t help.  Finally she said it was food and they let her through.  So we have a turkey!  Very exciting!!!  I will be making my mother’s favorite stuffing and our traditional Christmas cookies.  We are all getting together tonight to decorate the cookies. 

We hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends and know that we are thinking of you and wish we could be there.

Love, Becca, Paul and Nathan