We were in Addis Ababa this weekend just getting some things done.  It is never really restful being there, because it is a very busy city and we usually have a list a mile long of things to accomplish.    addis-swingingOn the list this time was:

·         Shopping for a few hard to get items:  We actually found brown sugar which was impossible to find in all of Ethiopia for the first few months.  Our chocolate chip cookies will taste so much better.       

·         Get a haircut.  Nathan and I both got our hair cut.

·         Eat some meat.  We never eat chicken in Soddo, so every meal in Addis I get chicken!

·         Go to the Addis Art Fair.  We saw more farenjis (foreigners) than we have in all 4 months combined.  Apparently that is the place to be.  It was a lot of fun and we bought some Christmas presents as well. 

·         Buy a food processor for the hospital kitchen.  I have been helping the ladies in the kitchen and we wanted to donate a food processor to them.  We received a donation this month for the amount it ended up being.  It was kind of backwards than most of the stories you hear.  We were already planning on buying it out of our monthly support that is designated for ministry needs and then we were going to donate to the hospital.  Well, I didn’t realize it until after I bought the fancy food processor (with a meat grinder attachment!) that we had previously received an email from someone who said she wanted to give more this last month and she hoped that we had some specific need for it.  We got our statement while I was in Addis and I was able to get one that had both the processor and grinder.  These ladies chop about 10 pounds of onions a day and they finely chop almost 10 pounds of meat.  They are very very excited!

·         Relax.  We actually did get some R&R in.  We stayed at this nice guest apartment that was huge and spacey and it was only 20 USD a night.  We shared it with a few other missionaries, but it was nice to be able to relax in our own living space.  addis-sea-saw

·         And as you can see we also enjoyed time outside with Nathan.  This is his absolute favorite place to be.  He loved the seesaw and he liked the swing more than this picture lets on. 

Stay tuned.  Paul has a good update blog we will post soon.  Love to all, Becca