Hey everyone,  well our time away was not exactly as planned.  Paul got sick with flu-like symptoms on day 2, so we came home on day 3 instead of day 6.  He is better now and we think it was a bad case of sinusitis, head ache, aches and pains, fever…all the fun stuff.  Nathan and I are fine and we are glad to be back.  Paul just went back to work this morning for the residents Bible Study.  It was good for him to rest some here before going back and over all we have been thankful for the time at home.

Arba Minch was beautiful, but it was much hotter there than here.  It is a good drop in elevation and more humid because of the lakes.  Of course, I didn’t notice the humidity after growing up in Houston.  We have some great pictures of our place and the lodge.  We have a good family one that will go out with our Christmas cards. 

We have a newsletter coming out next week.  If you are not already receiving the Gallbladder Gospel email us (paulandbecca@gmail.com) your mailing address and we will add you on.  It is the first ever Picture Edition!  Very Exciting!



Nathan having fun riding a little horse saddle in the lobby.


Where we stayed.  That was what our cabana looked like with a view of the mountains and lakes


Enjoying the coffee ceremony.  There coffee is so good!


This is Nathan enjoying our villa and all of the new things to cruise around.



By the way, if you are wondering why we don’t post more often…It is because of our incredibly slow dial up internet connection.  While posting this blog I…

made breakfast

ate breakfast

bought eggs (ok, these are delivered to our door)

put nathan down for a nap

did dishes

cut papaya

cleaned the bedroom

read your blogs

and edited pictures