We cannot express our gratitude enough to all of you!  It is amazing how God provides for every little need.  Whether it be, spiritually, emotionally, financially or physically.  You have all blessed us so much!  Just a few examples of things that happened this week…

On Monday I laid down to sleep and was praying and for no reason specific I prayed that someone would email me that night just to say hi.  I don’t know why I prayed that specifically.  I wasn’t lonely, but sometimes it is nice to have someone from home say hi and how are you.  Well, the next morning I got an email from a friend who moved with her husband and 2 little kids to Morocco.  It was so great to hear from her and to lament with her about missing Target.  And to know she is praying for me as she faces challenges of a new culture. 

Another thing I miss is having non-stop conversations with other mothers about parenting and mostly getting our children to eat, sleep, play and yes, even poop.  It is not just a dietitian thing we all talk about our babies…P. O. O. P. I have been emailing several friends about advice now that Nathan has reached this stage of independence.  Together, over email we have solved our children’s’ problems with sippy cups, napping and pack n play time.  I do miss our Northpark play dates!  Nathan was such a good shopper.  So thank you to Diedra and Lauren for the across-the-seas advice!

Then this morning I was getting sad about not being able to go to our church’s Fall Festival tonight.  I was thinking about how this whole season of holidays will be extra difficult to be away from family and friends.  And then….someone came to my door with packages!  One of our friends from Baylor had told us she was going to send a few things, but I didn’t think it would get here for at least another week.  It was so great!  Nathan and I immediately sat on the kitchen floor to see what was inside.  It was filled with great things for the holidays…decorations, candy, a wind up santa that Nathan loves and candles.  It also had crystal light, seasoning packets and some lip gloss!  Thanks Diane!  It was so fun to get the packages.

These are just a few examples of how God has provided for us since being here.  We want to thank all of you for the support you have given us emotionally through encouragement, spiritually through praying, financially through giving and physically through candy!  Our hope is to encourage you as well and give back a portion of what you have given to us.  Please let us know how we can pray for you.  There are a lot of praying people who read our blog so feel free to comment requests / praises or email us at paulandbecca@gmail.com

Love to all, Becca and Paul