for those of you who know me, know that i love shoes.  when telling people we were moving to Ethiopia the first question they asked was, “are you taking Nathan?”  and the second was…”what are you going to do with all of your shoes?”  well, you will be happy to know that my pink crocs are perfect for over here.

i have someone new helping in our house in the afternoons.  her name is Hannah.  she has 3 boys and is just great.  being a stay at home mom with Nathan, i have really felt like one of my strongest ministries is with the women who come to our house. we spend time praying, learning each others language and learning how to cook American and Ethiopian food.

yesterday, hannah took me, Paul and Sharon (the new OB/GYN) to the market.  i told Hannah she should pick out a pair of house shoes for herself that she can wear when she comes over. (she walks an hour to get here an it is often through the mud.) she walked up to this huge pile of plastic shoes, i mean the pile was about as big as a small room…and she immediately picked out the most amazing pair in the pile.  she picked up one and i found the other!  and then she haggled the guy down to 20 birr (about 2$).  so here are the great house shoes…

we had a lot of fun at the market and it was great that Paul could get out and see the rest of Soddo, since he is usually stuck within the hospital walls.  speaking of Paul…i know you want to hear from him too!  come on Paul, what do you have to say?  honk if you want to hear from Paul!  maybe we can all peer pressure him into blogging a post soon….