The weather is so beautiful here. It never gets over 75 degrees and even when the sun is out there is a cool breeze.  From our patio we can see a large lake that is a few hours away and out the front door we can see a mountain.  We have a nice garden in the back and now that the rainy season is slowly drifting away the strawberries have started growing.  It hasn’t even peaked yet and every other day I pick about a quart of berries.  I have enjoyed learning a few things about gardening, although, pretty much the only thing I know is to pick the berries when they are red.  We also have a ton of carrots…I ate raw carrots everyday at lunch for 6 years while working at Baylor Medical Center and I think our garden could supply enough carrots for me and a few other girls at the table for at least the next 5 years. 

Alan is our gardener and he takes care of everything for our garden and the neighbor’s garden.  He is very knowledgeable and helpful.  Nathan and I take a walk around the garden every morning when we bring Alan some tea.  Which brings me to another topic…chai tea.  The Amharic word for tea is “shy” and although coffee is a big export to Ethiopia (apparently they ship all the good stuff to you guys in the states) tea is drank most often in the morning and coffee is a lot of times more of a ceremony that takes place in the afternoon.  They make what they call a chai tea and it is excellent and very simple, so I think some of you should try it.  It is basically cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and whole cardamon brewed in with loose leaf black tea.  Maybe it is also because I am several countries away from starbucks, but this tea is the best thing.  I have even converted from drinking coffee to enjoying this tea (with milk and sugar of course) in the mornings.

Well, people have been wondering what we are eating while over here, so a few things that were on the menu this weekend were…

Homemade yogurt, with homegrown strawberries, with homemade granola (I have to stress the homemade items, because I can’t believe I make those things either.)

Pizza and Calzone with mushrooms and a homemade dough of course

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip cookies (Delicious!!!) I will have to post the recipe in a side bar one day.

French toast (we bought the bread, thankfully we can get good French bread here for a dime a piece) However, the maple syrup was …you guessed it homemade!

Fettuccini Alfredo with garlic bread (this one was easy, I brought an alfredo sauce powder over and we had a quick dinner tonight)

And tomorrow night I am making Cajun Red Beans and Rice for about 20 people.  I brought some Cajun seasonings over here with me too.

So that is a little about our diet over here.  I have really been impressed with how much you can get in Soddo.  One of the missionaries even went on a candy bar run today on his motorcycle.  He brought us back a snickers!

Hope your weekend was good.