We spent the past Monday through Thursday in Addis Ababa. We were looking forward to getting away from the hospital for a few days, even though there was a lot of work to be done while we were there. We went with Duane and Jackie. He is the orthopedic surgeon who is helping Paul run the residency program and Jackie is starting an education building next to the hospital where people can learn English and checkout books from the Library. Sharon, the newly arrived OB/GYN came with us as well. She has been very busy and maybe has gotten 1 or 2 full nights of sleep since she arrived 6 weeks ago.

When we got there we stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Oasis. It is in a nice and quite part of town. There are missionaries who run the B & B and were very hospitable. They have an adopted Ethiopian son who is 2 ½ and Nathan loved to watch him and they played together very well.

The first night we were there we found the best Mexican food!!! It was great. The chef had lived in the states and I had a great burrito with fresh chips and salsa! And we had ice cream sundaes for dessert. We miss ice cream in Soddo. The meal was the most expensive one we have had since coming to Africa and with appetizer, dinner, cokes, dessert and tip it was about 20$.

The first day we were there Jackie, Jess, me and Nathan did a little shopping. Jess was leaving for Tanzania and then to return home to Minnesota. We already miss you Jess! After a little shopping where I got a crazy clock (5$) for our kitchen and a traditional Ethiopian scarf (about 2 $). After that you won’t believe where we went…the Hilton! One of the girls needed a hair cut and opted out of me doing it for now, so me and Jackie got pedicures (7$).

The next day Paul, Duane and Sharon met with the education department to work on getting the residency approved and accredited. They had some great meetings and were really thankful for the people they met. Nathan and I ran some more errands…which takes a lot of time. You have to drive everywhere and the traffic is thick and most places are pretty spread out. Silasse, the driver for the hospital van went with us and he is so nice. He would often entertain Nathan while we were running in some place and he even ate a hamburger for lunch with us and liked it. (This is rare for Ethiopians; usually they will eat injera for lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast.)

We drove back on Thursday and were glad to get back to the clean air of Soddo. It really is beautiful here and we were glad to be home!

Love to all, becca