We have met a lot of people from all over the world already. I (Becca) have started taking care of short term teams who visit (The picture above is me with 2 pediatric nurses who visited). It is fun to be able to interact with so many people with different specialties. Nathan has enjoyed meeting a lot of people too. He is everyone’s new best friend. He is doing great with being passed around and will enjoy going to other people now. This is a big improvement; before he would go to someone else and look back at me or Paul and grunt. I see people all over and if Nathan isn’t with me they ask, “How is your son?” Wubito helps us around the house in the afternoons. Nathan loves her, he lights up and smiles really big when she comes. She has taken us to the market a few times and she says now every time she goes to market everyone asks, “Where is the baby?” So this little white face has a lot of friends. Before we were even due to have Nathan I remember a friend telling me the advantages and disadvantage of having children on the mission field. She had experience overseas before and after children. She explained that you have more time without children, but with children a lot more doors open up. And you are able to share and get to know a lot of people who would not otherwise open up to you. I am starting to see how this is true. At first, all I saw was the lack of time I had, since taking care of Nathan and not getting to be involved at the hospital. Now I understand that he is opening doors and everyone really loves him and hence will seek us out or come by to visit. I have also found time in the evenings to be some time I can go to the hospital. We have a new Obstetrician here. She is just out of residency doing a post-residency fellowship with Samaritan’s Purse. She will be here for 2 years (at least), so needless to say she does a lot at night. Last night I went and spent some time helping here care for newborn. The newborn was resuscitated successfully after his mom went through 3 days of labor and finally got the c-section she needed when she got to Soddo. The newborn started seizing about 24 hours after he was born. We gave him medication and some IV glucose and prayed with the family. Please continue to pray for him as he is at a critical state and we aren’t sure what his neurological deficits might be after the prolonged labor, resuscitation and now seizures.

PS. Go Cowboys!!! I just checked Fox sports and we were at the “Top of the Heap.” If anyone wants to record any games and send them to Ethiopia let me know. Our neighbors have a projector and have been wanting to watch some American Football.

PSS.  There were several other pictures I wanted to post of people we have met, but I can’t find them right now, they are lost on some computer or card…so more to come.