My mom posted a picture of their house on Tiki Island on her blog. Click here. For those of you who agree the picture looks really bad, you should note that the ground floor is mostly storage and garages. Although there were a few irreplaceable items, the living area and bedrooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and it is a huge blessing that they were not more severely damaged.

My parent’s house…although the house is refurbishable I thought it would be nice to recall some of my favorite memories on Tiki island.

  • The many trips in college during reading week to “study” at the beach
  • Paul meeting my parents for the first time and my college friends staring awkwardly in anticipation of my father’s reaction
  • Paul and I taking a trip to surprise my parents to tell them we were pregnant. We drove up on a Friday and left two grandma (we couldn’t find a zso zso) and grandpa t-shirts at the door as we waited downstairs to yell surprise
  • The annual 4th of July parade we participated in down the main road
  • Waking up to the best café au lait made by my dad
  • Catching fish from the dock, I would throw out a weak cast and then take over my dad or grandfather’s pole after they had a bite
  • Eating fresh crab caught outside our backdoor in the bay
  • My friend Emily’s dog peeing on my parent’s bed (love ya Em)
  • Fighting over which college flag should go in the middle and be the tallest (LSU usually won that battle since my dad had it placed on the largest pole. A&M and Tulane went on the sides as to bow to the LSU flag)
  • Eating the best filet mignon grilled with mesquite (all of the mentions of food are because we are in Ethiopia only dreaming about good steak and seafood and cookies)
  • Finally getting Nathan to take naps…he was 8 weeks old and in Galveston when we initiated Babywise, a lifesaver
  • Making homemade candles with Jess, my sister for my mom’s birthday
  • My dad taking thousands of pictures of Nathan and getting some award winners
  • Making Christmas cookies and eating the broken ones along the way (Mike wins the best decorator award)
  • Packing and repacking and unpacking and repacking and finally ending the argument of does Becca get to bring all 10 pounds of this shampoo to Ethiopia? (I brought half, so it was a good compromise)
  • The place of many family gatherings, whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays or just because.

We didn’t grow up in that house, but over the past almost 10 years we have made some great memories. It is not only a home, but a place of refuge. Where Paul and I can go to be with great family, whom we also call friends.

Love you Mom and Dad!