If any of you have been around me and Nathan for at least 5 minutes, you have probably heard me call him

stinker bug.

I don’t know how it came about, but it has stuck so far.  Here are a few pictures of our stinker bug along with a few other nicknames…

Honey bear

Nathan's favorite face

Slobber Monkey

Cutie Pie

He is sporting his new hat from Nana, Paul’s mom, it is perfect for the morning times.  We usually walk into the garden and it is still around 60 degrees.  He has been a lot of fun lately.  And he has started crawling.  We have a DVD of it, but can’t upload such a huge file over dial up.  We are sending a DVD home to family in about a month, but then he might be walking too!?!  He absolutely loves the walker we bought him…and I love it even more…it gives my arms a break and he can chase me around on or concrete floors.  Not much about Africa today, Paul went to bed early after a few long and taxing days.

I should tell those of you who are wondering that I heard from my parents (they live on Galveston bay).  They are fine, but there house did take a toll.  It sounds like the bottom level (only garages and storage), is pretty torn apart.  The top two floors (where the living area and bedrooms are) survived.  Although there is a lot of work to be done, it could have been a lot worse.  They probably won’t be able to live there for a few weeks, but are thankful it can be livable again.