Many of you are wondering, “where did Paul go, we want to hear from him on the blog.” Well, soon enough, he recently passed his surgical boards and I am sure will be joining in on the blogging soon. But until then you have to read another baby blog…

For those of you who have had babies over the past few years, you have probably heard of at least one of these books…

The Happiest Baby on the Block,
Baby Wise,
The Baby Whisperer

Well, I started out reading the baby whisperer, only to discover I do not have the patience or ability to stay at home all day, to make this work. I did however, begin the feeding schedule, including cluster feeds and a dream feed. Nathan was sleeping well at night, but very fussy during the day…so we desperately read about the Happiest Baby on the Block. Hoping Nathan would join in the happiness. That taught us that Nathan likes to be swaddled tight and he likes loud noises (including the vacuum). And Nathan learned to have happy awake time! A huge success for us! Finally, I read Baby Wise. Which is not as structured and helped me learn to relax and pay attention to what he wanted, instead of a strict schedule.

I did take something from every book, but Baby Wise is my favorite. I think someone should make cliff notes on all 3. That would be a best seller. Nathan will sleep 6 hours at a time at night, which is great. We are now working on sleeping until 7am (to help with mom’s sanity).

So now Nathan is the Happiest Wise Baby Whisperer on the Block. Especially since I haven’t seen any other babies on our block yet.