We are already amazed at everyone’s generosity and God’s faithfulness in meeting the needs! It warms my heart knowing that God has put such caring and supportive people in our life. We cannot do this alone, but a team will be necessary. I have no doubt that the Lord will meet all needs and we eagerly look forward to serving you and sharing with you as this all proceeds towards departure and beyond.

A common question has been coming up as we have been sharing the vision of our plans in Ethiopia. What exactly do we need, financially speaking?

We are looking with an eye toward the “long haul.” We hope to build a long standing relationship with you and certainly plan on staying on the mission field for a career length of time. This would ideally need monthly giving. We will be able to head overseas once our budget is met on a monthly basis. Though we certainly plan on sharing more in detail with you when we get in touch with you personally, I wanted to give a brief description of how this looks. Including our personal and ministry budget, accounting for all costs, we will need around $3400 per month in support. Though this number is daunting, the encouraging reality is a little here and little there really adds up.